+91kg Super-heavyweight division - Gold to Fiji

Inia Vuli ended the night on a golden note for Fiji with victory in the Superheavyweight division.more

91kg Heavyweight division - Gold to Samoa

Amosa Zinck added to Samoa's gold medal haul in the boxing ring by defeating Paula Raqeukai of Fiji in the heavyweight final.more

81kg Class - Third Gold for Samoa

Francis Partsch won the third boxing gold medal for Samoa by defeating Alain Hervouet of New Caledonia.more

75kg Class - Fiji wins gold

In front of a delirious crowd, Fiji's Osea Nakanacali won the gold medal by defeating Eugene Raurahi of Tahiti, 17 points to 6.more

69kg Class - Gold to Vanuatu

Peter Mark Nauka has won the gold medal by defeating Benoit Hannequin of New Caledonia in the 69kg Gold medal bout.more

64kg Class - Gold to Tahiti

Albert Tenaititahio of Tahiti snared his country's second gold medal of the evening in the boxing by defeating Chavis Kora of PNG 23-13more

60kg Class - Gold to Samoa

Sada Wulf (SAM) put on a powerhouse display to triumph convincingly in the 60kg Class and take the gold medal for Samoa.more

57kg Class - Gold to Tahiti

Despite deafening support from massive crowd, Metuisela Coriakula of Fiji could not overcome a slick Hauta Heiaru of Tahiti in the 57kg class final tonightmore

54kg Class - Samoa takes Gold

Faialaga Sameulu of Samoa has won the 54kg class gold medal.more

51kg Class - Gold again to PNG

Paul Lare (PNG) has continued PNG's golden run with a thrilling 2 point victory over Vanuatu's Charley Katmatim in the <51kg classmore

48kg Class - Gold to PNG!

Jack Willie of PNG has taken the first gold of the evening by defeating Benedick Telovai of the Solomon Islands in the <48kg Classmore

Full House in for Gold medal night

With just minutes until the first bout, a capacity crowd is in to watch 11 gold medals be decidedmore

Day 5 Preview - Eleven Gold Medals up for Grabs

The 2003 SPG Boxing Competition concludes tonight when eleven gold medals will be decided in the ring.more

Day 4 - 64kg Semi Finals

Kora (PNG) and Temaititahio (TAH) through the the gold medal playoff.more

Day 4 - 60kg Semi Finals

Tom (VAN) and Wulf (SAM) through to the gold medal playoffmore

Day 4 - 57kg Semi Finals

Coriajula (FIJ) and Havata (TAH) through to the gold medal playoff.more

Day 4 - 54kg Semi Finals

Justin Sepe (PNG) and Samuela (SAM) through to the Gold Medal Playoff.more

Day 4 - 51kg Semi Finals

Katmatim(VAN) and Lare(PNG) through to the gold medal playoffmore

Day 4 - 48kg Semi Finals

Telovai (SOL) and Sasalu (PNG) through to the gold medal playoff.more

Day 3 - +91kg Semi Finals

The crowd went wild when the big boys came out to play.more

Day 3 - <91kg Semi Finals

Fiji's Paula Raqeukai stormed into the Gold medal round with an emphatic victory over Hale Atutolu of Niuemore

Day 3 - 81kg Semi finals

Partsch (Sam) grinds out a tough victory over Wassab (VAN) to progress to Gold medal bout.more

Day 3 - 75kg Semi Finals

The first semi-final of the 75kg class between Nakanacali (FIJ) and Taulamago (SAM) was an absolute cracker - and the crowd showed their appreciation.more

Day 3 - Semi final action

The national gymnasium is roaring with a full house. A crackling atmosphere greets the boxers in the first of the semi-final competitions tonight.more

Day 3 Preview

The boxing competition moves into semi-final mode on Wednesday evening in the 69kg, 75kg, 81kg,91kg and 91+kg classes.more

Day 2 Results <54kg - 1st Round

Day two Boxing got underway this evening in an electric atmosphere.more

Day 2 Results <64kg - 1st Round

The first round of the <64kg competition commenced tonight in the National Gymnasium in front of a big and vocal crowd.more

Day 2 Results <75kg Class - First Round

The first round of the 75kg class got underway at the National Gymnasium this eveningmore

Day 2 Results <91kg - 1st Round

The first and only bout in the first round of the <91kg class took place tonightmore

Day 2 Preview

Attention now shifts to the Day 2 competition, after Day 1 concluded this evening.more

Tuvalu boxer demonstrates true sportsmanship

Tuvalu Boxer Jack Taleka was the epitome of sportsmanship after being defeated by Samoa's Francis Batsch in the <81kg first round bout tonight.more

<48KG Action

Samoa's Tele Sasalu has won the first bout of the boxing competition with a 23-19 points decision over Vanuatu's Johnson Nauras in the <48kg Division.more

<51kg Action

Ken Marchand (TAH) and Paul Lare (PNG) were the first round winners in the <51kg Competition this afternoonmore

<57kg Action this afternoon

Tahiti's Hauata Heiaru scored a commanding 31-12 points decision over Samoa's Filimaua Ekeroma in the first and only bout of the <57kg division this afternoon at the National Gymnasium.more

<60kg Results

PNG's veteran champion Lynch Ipera signalled a warning to all competitors with a resounding victory in the first round of the <60kg Competition this afternoon.more

Day 1 Evening Action Preview

Round 1 of the <69kg and <81 categories get underway in the National Gymnasium tonight commencing at 6.30pm.more

Boxing results official nods off

Soon after being caught sleeping at his post, the competitions top results official was shown the door by securitymore
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