Gold goes to ...

After nine days of baseball one of those days rained out, we have a winner!more

Two innings away from gold.

At the Bottom of the seventh inning, Guam ahead by 6.more

Guam 5 American Samoa 3: 2hrs of play

Authentic Pacific Islands baseball being played here in this new park. We are playing in BUCKHURST baseball field. Constructed just for the games. Gold and Silver will be awarded here today.more

After 1 hr of play Guam leads 5-1

It is now the fourth inning. A very technical play going on right now. Guam leaving nothing out to retain their title.more

Guam vs American Samoa

After the second inning Guam propels itself infront another two.more

Gold Medal Match!

Guam playing Home coming in with no losses. A 6-0 victory. American Samoa lost only one game to Palau. Guam is the defending side holding on to their 1999 SPG win over America Samoa by 6-5 runs. Lets see if history repeats itself...more

Congratulations to FSM winning Bronze Medal in SPG

Bronze Medal winner for Baseball is the Federated States of Micronesia in the South Pacific Games.
After 2hrs 10 mins of exceptional play, FSM claims Bronze. Great skills shown today on the ball field.more

Two hours of play; Bottom 8th inning

Bottom eighth inning, FSM 3 Palau 3more

FSM vs Palau: TOP 6th

Palau scores single run after 75 minutes of play.
Followed promptly with two runs made by pitching error.more

4th Inning Play; FSM ahead 2-0

A reminder that this is a medal match, this game will last the whole nine innings with no Mercy Rule. Have a look at the Photo Gallery for todays pictures.more

FSM vs Palau: Bronze Medal

FSM takes the lead with two Runs. PANUELO L singled to right field, 2 RBI; CARL M scored; LAWRENCE Q scored.more

FSM vs Palau 9:40am top 3rd

FSM 0 Palau 0. Fiji weather is holding up.more

Good Morning Baseball Fans

The fight for the Bronze Medal is well underway.more

Finals Fixtures

Palau vs FSM @ 9:00am FJ time for Bronze medal
Guam vs American Samoa @ 12:00pm FJ for Gold\Silver medalmore

American Samoa has pulled through with one Run!

The gold medal match will be held between Guam and American Samoa at noon. What a game to see. Old rivals clashing once again. A repeat of history as in the 99 SPG GUAM games. Guam emerged victorius last time round. Lets see what tommorrow holds.more

Jack Thompson scores 1st run for American Samoa

J.Thompson runs in to the home plate after a fumble by FSM's 3rd baseman.more

American Samoa vs Federated States of Micronesia

After 45 minutes of play, we are in the top of the 4th inning. No runs on the board yet. Both pitchers doing a magnificent job.more

Guam will play in Final

A convincing victory against Palau to earn them the first spot in the Finals.more

Guam vs Palau: After 1hr 35min

Guam leads 4-0more

First Semi-Final well under way

Guam/Palau: Henry Santos gets one run in 3rdmore

Guam vs Palau

Bottom of the 3rd inning, still no score.more

Guam vs Palau

We took an unshceduled break as the rain poured down on the field.more

Day Eight: Guam vs Palau Semi-Final Playoff

The game is on the way. Excellent pitching in the first round keeps a scoreless run.more

Player Profile: Ronald Peau

Ronald Peau from American Samoa holds the highest Base Hits, highest Base Runs and also the highest RBI's in the games to date.more

Day 7 games cancelled due to bad weather.

All games scheduled for Monday July 7th, have been called off. After an entire week of beautiful sunshine, the skies opened up and deemed the grounds unplayable!more

Game play by play and Newsbox reports

For your play by play action Click Here more

Home Run Wiz

Duke Solaita has two of the five home runs made in the SPG.more

Guam Power

Guam 17 Solomon 0, top second inning.
Final score: Guam 19, Solomon Is. 0more

Fiji vs New Caledonia

Yet another exciting day at the ballpark.more

Day 5

Guam, Palau forced eighth inning after a breath taking 7th at one run a piece!more
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