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PCYC Brisbane Training

Katea is doing a wrestling technical training in Brisbane with the PCYC Lang Park wrestling club. The head coach of the club Mr Yury from Russia,assistant coach senior Mr Todd were training with him. Katea assisted Mr Bob Franklin in preparing the competition hall of the Queensland wrestling club championship and helped throughout the tournament. He spent 3 weeks now expected back in May.more

Greco Roman Result

Teibana Mase and Katea Ueresi both competing in the GR wrestling styles lost their matches against their opponents. Mase was defeated on the 2nd round of their match by an Australian wrestler who went through the final. Katea was got pinned in the 1st round by a Nigerian wrestler who won the bronze. He executed a head throw to score 3 points before got by a Nigerian wrestler.more
Jeff & Teresa Volcheck

Best wishes for the Wrestlers.

Former US Peace Corps teacher and coach of Wagina Community High School from 1997- 1998, Mr Jeff Volcheck sent an email messages to Katea and Teibana wishing them the best in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. Actually, he was behind all the successes achieved by Katea in his wrestling career.In 2007 Jeff was sending the training gears for the wrestling team participating in Samoa Pacific Games.more

Solomon Islands flag raising ceremony

Mase & Ueresi attended the flag raising ceremony organized by the Mayor of the Commonwealth Village today.more

SIAWA sends 2 athletes to India Commonwealth Games

Teibana Mase and Katea Ueresi for wrestlingmore

2010 World Wrestling Championship's Ranking

Katea Ueresi of the Solomon Islands ranked 31st out of 39 in the 74 kg weight category of the Greco Roman World Wrestling Championships held on the 4th-13thh of September in Moscow, Russia. As the only wrestler from Oceania to wrestle in two styles, Katea was ranked 33rd out of 35 wrestlers in the Greco-Roman wrestling styles. He was wrestling against Japan and Belarus loosing both of his matches.more

2010 Moscow, Russia Senior Wrestling World Championship

The Solomon Islands Amateur Wrestling Association current Sport Development Officer and senior wrestler Mr Katea Ueresi was fortunate to receive one return air-ticket from the Wrestling International Federation(FILA)to attend the senior World Wrestling Championship.The SI Wrestling Association will be meeting other expenses such as the accommodation, food and the competition fees. Mr Ueresi will be competing in the 74kg weight category at both Free- Style and Greco-Roman Wrestling styles. Also he will be representing the SI Wrestling Association at the 2010 FILA Congress that is going to be held on the 3rd of September.
The Championship is running on the 6th - 12th September and most Oceania wrestling countries are also sending their best wrestlers as it is the requirement from the International Federation (FILA)to participate. Otherwise they won't get a placement to the 2012 London Olympic Games even if they get "Gold" at the 2010 Oceania Qualifying Tournament in Samoa.
He is leaving the country on the 1st of September and coming back on the 15th September.more

Prominent young Wrestler (age 13)

Tabweisi.B.Baraisi competing under the cadet(14-17yrs)division against the Kiwi wrestler. He won a silver and bronze medal in his first international debut.more

Masunu Pugeva competing at the beach wrestling style

The triple gold medallist Mr Masunu Pugeva against his opponent from Palau. Masunu won a bronze medal at the beach wrestling.more

Tabweisi Brown. Baraisi ( Silver and Bronze medalist)

Tabweisi.Brown. Baraisi doing the head-lock against the Samoan opponent during the recent Oceania and South Pacific Championships held in Samoa.more

SIAWA Wrestling mat.

SIAWA was given a wrestling mat free of charge from FILA.more

2008 Oceania Championships (Canberra, Australia)

2008 Oceania Championships (Canberra, Australia)held from February 08-10, 2008 at the Australia Institute of Sport (AIS)more

Annual General Meeting (Nov. 11, 2007)

2007 Executive Members of SIAWAmore

2007 South Pacific Games


News Article in Solomon Star


Visiting the Web

Tarkong shows Tongoua how to work with his Wrestling Website on Oceaniasport.more

Interview with the SIBC sport commentator

Tongoua and Tarkong in the studio having interview with the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation (SIBC)on wrestling issuesmore

John Tarkong Junior in Honiara

Oceania Wrestling President John Tarkong Jr. is in Solomon Islands for an important Regional Customs meeting but took time out to help out the locals in his favourite sport. Here is a message from John....more
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