Team Palau Gathering & Picnic

Team Palau Gathering & Picnic to recognize athletes and teams during the Micronesian Gamesmore

2018 Micronesian Games

9th Micronesian Games held in Colonia, Yap (FSM)more

Wrestling held at Ngarchelong Summer Youth Camp

Ngarchelong Summer Youth Camp - Wrestling Program held on July 04, 2018more

Klaibedechakl - Beach Wrestling Competition

The Klaibedechakl - Beach Wrestling Competition was held on Saturday, June 30, 2018 during the 2018 Belau Youth Games & Festivalmore

2018 Belau Youth Games & Festival - Camp

The 2018 Belau Youth Games & Festival featured a 3 day camp for Wrestling, Judo and Boxingmore

2018 Team Palau - Fundraiser

Team Palau - Wrestling and all other sports held its fundraiser event for the upcoming Micronesian Games on Friday, June 22nd.more

Youth Applied Learning Summer Program

In celebration of June 23rd, the International Olympic Day, the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) has engaged in various activities to recognize and bring awareness of Olympic Day through sports - Judo, Boxing and Wrestling by participating in the Youth Applied Learning from June 17-23rdmore

School Outreach Program

Outreach program held in outer states of Ngaraard, Ngarchelong and Ngermlengui Elementary Schoolsmore

Palau Sports Celebrate Peace, Sport and Good Health

Trip to Peleliu - Outreach Program and 3 day camp for wrestling, judo and boxing plus Beach Wrestling competition on Olympic Day in Peleliumore

Wrestling School Program continues in 2018

Wrestling School Program continues at GBH Elementary and Maris Stella Elementarymore

2017 Yap - Palau Games

Team Palau competes in the Yap Palau Games in Yap, FSM. Among the sports were wrestling, volleyball, basketball and archery - demo. There 3 days of wrestling for the Palau - Yap Games to include Freestyle, Greco Roman and Beach Wrestling.more

GBH, Maris Stella & Emmaus HS Wrestling Program

PE Wrestling programs continues throughout the end of the yearmore

OSEP Coaching Course held in Palau

Oceania Sports Education Program (OSEP) Strength & Conditioning Course and the OSEP Development Coaching Course from October 9 - 14, 2017more

Ashgabat Games - Day 02 for Wrestling

Temengil and Nicolescu wrestle on Day 02 of Wrestling in Ashgabatmore

Ashgabat Games - Day 01 for Wrestling

Palau Wrestling Team Competes in the Ashgabat 2017 Indoor & Martial Arts Gamesmore

2017 World Championships

Temengil and Nicolescu competes in the World Wrestling Championships in Paris, Francemore

2017 Belau Games

The Belau Games was held from June 23 - July 02, 2017 in Greco Roman Style, Freestyle and Beach Wrestlingmore

Michael Ondich & Family Visit Palau

Michael Ondich Family & Tenkoran Agyeman Visit Palau and Wrestling Teammore

UWW Level 1 Coaching Course


Ngarchelong Elementary School - PE Wrestling

Ngarchelong Elementary Wrestling PE Programmore

Palau receives 1 Universality Place for the YOG

Palau received 1 Universality Place for the 2018 YOGmore

2017 Oceania Championships

Palau captures 5 gold medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals in the Freestyle and Greco Roman competition and for the Oceania Beach Wrestling Tournament - 2 gold and 3 bronze medals.more

Temengil Headline Field at 2017 Oceania Wrestling Championships

Multiple-time Olympian Florian TEMENGIL (PLW) will be looking to add another Oceania gold medal to his collection. He has been a dominant force at the Oceania Wrestling Championships, winning 10 gold medals since 2011.more

Emmaus High School - Wrestling PE Program and Youth Olympic Games

Wrestling Program at Emmaus High School and Youth Olympic Games Preparationsmore

Tarkong competes in World Senior Championships (Non Olympic Styles) in Hungary

Blesam Tarkong competes in World Senior Championships (Non Olympic Styles) in Hungarymore

Wrester to Train in Iran

Blesam Tarkong to train in Iranmore

Wrestlers to compete in the Golden Grand Prix

Temengil & Tarkong to compete in Golden Grand Prix Tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan in November.more

UWW Ready to Wrestle Program Online

3 Coaches and 1 Athlete complete the UWW Ready to Wrestle Online Programmore

Ngarchelong Elementary School - PE Wrestling

3rd and 4th Grade students take on wrestling @ Ngarchelong Elementary Schoolmore

Melekeok Elementary School - Wrestling PE Program

Wrestling @ Melekeok Elementary School with 3rd & 4th Grade Studentsmore

Emmaus High School - PE Program

Day 1 of wrestling PE practice beginsmore

Palau Independence Day - Beach Wrestling Tournament

In celebration of the 22nd Independence Day, the Belau Wrestling Federation (BWF) hosted a Beach Wrestling Tournament at Long Island on Friday, September 30, 2016.more

Wrestling Camp

Wrestling Camp - Ngechur Island from July 8-10, 2016. Come Join.more

Wrestling Practice - Summer Programs

Announcement: Wrestling Practice is held at the Palau National Gym, Monday - Friday from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Come out an join us, get a workout and have fun.more

2016 Belau Youth Games & Festival

The 2016 Belau Youth Games & Festival will be held on June 24 to July 2, 2016.more

Temengil competes against Hungary

Temengil competed against Hungary in the mens FS 125kgmore

Four Universality Places for Wrestling Awarded by IOC

Four Universality Places for Wrestling Awarded by IOCmore


Palau Wrestler Temengil received Universality Place for RIO Olympicsmore

Team Palau Competes in the Final Olympic Qualification in Turkey

Palau Wrestling Team Competes in Turkey at Final Olympic Qualificationmore

Skilang Temengil Wins Bronze Medal in the 2016 Africa Oceania Olympic Games Qualifier

Skilang Temengil Wins Bronze Medal at the 2016 Africa Oceania Olympic Games Qualifier held in Algiers, Africamore

Team Palau wins 2 Gold and 2 Silver Medals at Oceania

Team Palau wins 2 gold and 2 silver medals at the Oceania Championships on Day #1 of the Freestyle Mens Competitionmore

BWF receives Donation from Sponsors

BWF thanks our sponsors for their valuable donation to help with our wrestling team to Oceania and Olympic Qualifiermore

Palau Team Training at Oceania in NZ

Palau Team Training at Oceania in NZmore

Palau Wrestling Team Prepares for 2016 Oceania Championships

Palau Wrestling Team Prepares for 2016 Oceania Championshipsmore

7th & 8th Grade Students Wrestle at Melekeok Elementary School

7th & 8th Grade Students Wrestle at Melekeok Elementary Schoolmore

Melekeok Elementary School Practice

Wrestling Practice at Melekeok Elementary School with 5th and 6th Grade Studentsmore


Athletes in preparation for the upcoming Oceania Championships and Olympic Qualifications speak to students from Koror Elementary Schoolmore

Elementary Wrestling

Wrestling in the Schoolsmore

2015 Beach Games - Wrestling

The 2015 Beach Games were held at Kuab, Elab Hamlet, Ngaraard State for Volleyball, Archery, Swimming, Paddling and Wrestlingmore

Koror Elementary School PE Wrestling Program

KES students have bright future in wrestlingmore

Emmaus High School Wrestling Practice

Emmaus High School students accomplishing just about everything expected of them in practice.more

The 2016 Oceania Championships

The 2016 Oceania Championships will be hosted by Wrestling New Zealand in Hamilton, New Zealand from March 11 -13, 2015more

Palau Community College (PCC) Wrestling Practice

On Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015, students from PCC held their first wrestling practice at the Palau National Gym, lot of fun and good workout.more

Ngaraard Wrestling Practice

Students from Ngaraard Elementary Class - 4th - 8th Grade students take part in wrestling practicemore

Emmaus HS Wrestling Practice

Emmaus HS Wrestling Practice held on Wed, Nov. 18thmore

Koror Elementary Practice held on Nov. 06, 2015

5th Grade students take on wrestlingmore

Emmaus High School Wrestling

Students take part in wretling PE practice at Emmaus HS, Koror, Palaumore

Palau wrestler trains in Japan

Christian Etpison Nicolescu trains in Japan at Aoyama Gakuin Univ. in Tokyo, Japanmore

Koror Elementary School PE Wrestling Program

5th Grade Students at Koror Elementary School learn Wrestling during PE Classmore

Team Palau at the 2015 World Championships & 1st Olympic Qualifier

Florian Skilang Temengil leads Team Palau in best performance ever against Egypt at the 2015 World Wrestling Championships‏more

Blesam Tarkong competes at the 2015 Junior World Champs in Brazil

Blesam competed at the 2015 Junior World Champs in Brazilmore

Palau's Finest Train Abroad in Preparation for World Champs

3 of Palau's best wrestlers train abroad in preparation for the World Championshipsmore

Belau Games - Beach Wrestling

A total of 6 teams competed in the Beach Wrestling for both men and women. Ngatpang State placed first overall and in team medals, Sonsorol 2nd place and Peleliu 3rd place.more

Belau Games - Freestyle Competition

Sonsorol State place 1st in the team ranking and medal count. Ngatpang State placed 2nd and Koror state 3rd. For the first time ever, kids 13 and under competed in the boys/girls division. Awesome competition.more

10th Belau Games -Wrestling

Out of 7 teams that competed in Greco Roman, Sonsorol State took the lead in most medals and team standings on the first day of competition, while Ngatpang placed 2nd and Koror 3rd place. The Greco Roman Competition took place at the Palau National Gym for Schoolboys, Cadets, Junior and Senior Division.more

2015 Oceania Championships, Marshalls Islands

Palau team wins a total of 17 medals (9 Gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals)more

Emmaus High School Receive T Shirts for Practice

Practice T Shirts donated to Emmaus High School studentsmore

Salapwa completes Coaching Course Level 1

David Salapwa completes coaching Course, Level 1more

PE Teachers take part in Wrestling Course

PE Teachers learn the benefits of wrestle and why wrestling should be a part of your PE Program in the Schools.more

Wrestling Visit to GB Harris Elementary School

On Friday, November 14, 2014, BWF conducted practices at GB Harris Elementary School. Main emphasis was on having fun. There were 70 students wrestling for the first time ever.more

School Visit to Melekeok Elementary School

As part of our wrestling outreach and education awareness program, Belau Wrestling Federation (BWF) took the time to visit Melekeok Elementary School (MES)more

Koror Elementary School Takes on Wrestling

On Friday, November 7, 2014, 60 students from Koror Elementary School (KES), mainly 7th grade students, participated as part of their PE class in the wrestling programmore

Coaching Course - Level 1

2 Coaches certified as Level 1 Coaches for Palaumore

Emmaus High School Wrestling

Emmaus High School Wrestling started on August 20, 2014 with 4 students and now we have at least 12 students in the programmore

2014 Youth Olympic Games

James Kinto Dydasco competes in Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, Chinamore

2014 Micronesian Games

The 2014 Micronesian Games were held at the College of Micronesia (COM) in Pohnpei, FSM from July 21-23, 2014.more

2014 Oceania Championships & Oceania YOG Qualifier

The Oceania Championships & YOG Qualifier was held from March 21-23, 2014.more

2014 Oceania Coaching Course

The Oceania coaching course and Training Camp were held at the Maliumai Venue in American Samoa from March 13-15, 2014.more

2013 Oceania Championships, Guam

Wrestlers win Gold Medals at Oceania Championships at UOG Field House.more

2012 Africa Oceania Olympic Qualifer (2nd Phase)

The 2012 Africa Oceania Olympic Qualifer (2nd phase) was held in Marrakech, Morrocco from March 16-18, 2012. Palau sent 3 wrestlers to compete. Elgin Elwais, Radley Umang and Florian Skilang Temengil. Only 1 Australia and 1 American Samoan athlete from the Oceania region were able to qualify.


2012 Oceania Championships

The 2012 Oceania Championships was held in Sydney, Australia. Florian Skilang Temengil wins Gold Medal in the Freestyle Mens Senior 120kg weight division.


2011 World Championships (1st Olympic Qualifier)

Elgin Elwais and Florian Skilang Temengil compete in the 2011 World Championships in Istanbul, Turkeymore

2011 Oceania Championships (Apia, Samoa)

Team Palau competed in the 2011 Oceania Championshps in Apia, Samoa and won 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.


2011 Oceania Coaching Course & Training Camp

The 2011 Oceania Coaching Course & Training Camp was held in Apia, Samoa


2010 World Wrestling Championship

The 2010 World Wrestling Championships was held in Moscow, Russiamore

2010 Micronesian Games

Wrestling Programmore

2010 Oceania Championships (Apia, Samoa) & YOG Qualifier

Palau's wrestling team attended the 2010 Oceania Championships held in Samoa. This was also the YOG Qualifier. Prior to the Championships, the Training Camp / Coaching Course was held.more

2009 Belau Games

The 2009 Belau Games was held from July 17-19, 2009 in Greco Roman, Freestyle and Beach Wrestling.more

2009 Practice Schedules

Wrestling practices are held daily from 5:00pm - 7:30pm at Palau National Gymmore

2009 PNOC Sports Award Banquet

The 2009 PNOC Sports Awards Banquest was held at the Palau Pacific Resort on April 9, 2009.more

2009 Oceania Championships

The 2009 Oceania Championships was held in Apia,Samoa frommore
Mindszenty School Practice

Wrestling Program Begins in 3 of the High Schools

Wrestling Program was included at Palau High School, Emmaus and Mindsenty earlier this monthmore

Elgin and Skilang to Train in Korea

Elgin and Skilang to Train in Koreamore
Opening Ceremony Belau Youth Games

Athletes Recognized during Belau Youth Games

Elgin and Skilang recognized during Belau Youth Games Opening Ceremony at the Palau National Gym.more
Elgin & Skilang

Skilang and Elgin Compete in Golden Grand Prix

Elgin and Skilang invited to compete in Golden Grand Prix, Azerbaijanmore

Elgin and Skilang Train at USOTC

Elgin Elwais and Skilang Temengil Train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado, Springs USA.more
Young wresters Practicing Form

Youth Wrestling

Youth Wrestling Practicemore
Elgin & Skilang in News

Elgin & Skilang Qualify for 2008 Beijing Olympics

News Article from Palau Horizon (Elgin & Skilang qualifies for 2008 Beijing Olympics)more
Tarkong with NOC Delegates

Tarkong Attends OSFO / ONOC Meeting in Fiji

The 4th Olympic Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO)
and Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) Meetings was held from
March 12-14, 2008 in Fijimore
Elgin & Skilang

2008 Oceania Championships Results

Elgin Elwais and Florian Temengil win Gold, Franson Silvermore
Opening Ceremony

2008 Oceania Championships (Canberra, Australia)

Palau sends team to the 2008 Oceania Championships (Canberra, Australia)more
2007 Training Camp

2007 Training Camp in Palau (Dec 2007 - Jan 2008)

Palau hosted a 2 month training camp (December 01, 2007 - Jan 31, 2008)more
Beach Wrestling Tackle

2007 ISL Beach Wrestling

The 2007 ISL Beach Wrestling was held at Long Island in December 2007more

2007 World Championshps (Baku, Azerbaijan)

2007 World Champs Team

Palau Wrestling Team Prepares for World Champs

2007 World Champs to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in September 17-23, 2007more
team palau

2007 South Pacific Games

Team Palau wins medals at the SPGmore

2007 ONOC / OSFO Conference (Samoa)

Tarkong Attended 2007 ONOC / OSFO Conference and Pacific Games Meetingmore
Palau-FSM Wrestlers

Palau - FSM Training Camp

The FSM Team arrived in Palau in June and training commenced three times a day as the wrestlers prepare for the South Pacific Gamesmore
Team Leaders Meeting

2007 Belau Games a Success

Greco Roman Style, Freestyle and Beach Wrestlingmore
Beach wrestling

2007 Belau Games

2007 Belau Games to be held from June15-24, 2007more
Tarkong & Coaches

Tarkong attends the 2007 USA Coaching Course

The 2007 USA Wrestling Silver Coaches College held in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 6-10, 2007more

Palau to host Wrestling Camp

Palau will host a wrestling camp from June 01st till August in preparations for the 2007 South Pacific Gamesmore
Practice in Solomons

Tarkong visits Solomon Islands

Tarkong meets Solomons Wrestling President Mr. Tongoua Tabe and conducts wrestling clinic during practicemore
Elgin lifts Australia Oppenent (Greco)

2007 Oceania Championships (NZ)

The 2007 Oceania Championships were held in Hamilton, NZmore
Tarkong Meets with FILA President

Tarkong meets with FILA President

On Tuesday, September 26, 2006, Tarkong meets with FILA Presidentmore

Elgin Wrestles Bulgaria in Greco Roman 55kg

Elgin ranked 25 out of 32 wrestlersmore
Elgin @ Weigh-In's

Franson and Elgin @ Weigh-In's (9/24/06)

Elgin Elwais and Franson Gibbons weighed in today for Greco Roman Competition.more
Palau, FSM & Australia @ Tech Meeting

FILA Technical Meeting held (9/24/06)

Countries attend the FILA Technical Meeting todaymore
Tarkong @ FILA Congress Meeting

Tarkong attends FILA Congress Meeting @ Worlds

Tarkong arrived to attend the FILA Congress Meeting in Guangzhou, Chinamore

Team participates in Training Camp in China

Team arrives in China and attends Training camp for 2 weeks to prepare for World Championshipsmore
Wrestling Team Prepares for 2006 World Champs

Team Palau Prepares for 2006 World Championships

Team Palau and 1 FSM Wrestler Attend International Training Camp in China as they prepare to compete in the 2006 World Championshipsmore
Keitani Graham (Aug 18 2006)

FSM Wrestler Training in Palau

FSM Wrestler Keitani Graham from Chuuk State arrives in Palau to train after the Micronesian Games.more

Wrestling Team Competes in 2006 Micronesian Games

Palau's Wrestling Team win Medals as Elgin Elwais and Franson Gibbons wins Two Golds a piecemore
Coach Ko during 2005 South Pacific Mini Games

Coach Young Ho, Ko Arrives in Palau

Coach Ko from Korea moves to Palau to coach wrestling teammore
OSFO Members Photo

Tarkong represents OCAWS/FILA at OSFO/ONOC Meeting

Elgin @ 60kg vs. Aus

2006 Oceania Championships

Wrestling Team Competes @ Oceania Championships in Australiamore
Franson, Skilang, Elgin and Shawn during Opening Ceremony

Team Palau prepare for 2006 Oceania Championships

Team Palau prepares for upcoming 2006 Oceania Championships to be held in Brisbane, Australia from April 29 - May 03, 2006.more

Beach Wrestling held during Belau Games

Beach Wrestling held at Long Islandmore

Wrestling Program - Emmaus High School

Wrestling is introduced at Emmaus High Schoolmore

Belau Games schedules and results

For schedules and results of 2006 Belau Games Wrestling Competition, go to the DOCUMENTS sectionmore

Korean Wrestling Team Visits Palau

Korean Team Visits Palau for 1 week trainingmore

Tarkong meets with FILA Pres. Raphael Martinetti

Tarkong meets with FILA President Ralphe Martinetti to discuss issues concerning Oceania Wrestling Development and assistance for the regionmore

Elgin Elwais Competes in 2005 World Championships

Elgin Elwais competes in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman Style at the 55kg weight class during the 2005 World Wrestling Championships held in Budapest, Hungarymore

Wrestling Program begins at Mindszenty High School

On January 12, 2006, wrestling was introduced at Mindszenty High Schoolmore

World Olympians Association (WOA) Seminar

Tarkong attends World Olympians Association (WOA) 2nd Asia-Oceania Regional Seminar in Beijing, China (Dec. 10 - 11, 2005)more

Wrestling Clinic

Wrestling Clinic conducted by Hiroshi Ota from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan (Dec. 27, 2005-Jan 08, 2006)more

Youth Wrestling Clinic

Youth Wrestling Clinic conducted during Christmas Holidaysmore
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