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Vanuatu National rugby sevens squad

The countdown is on! Only one week to go and the National Rugby Sevens squad will be in Noumea ready to represent Vanuatu at the South Pacific Games. 


Dominique Dinh opening knockout.

Season opens with the Dominique Dinh Opening Knockout between Bulldogs and Shepherd.


SPG rugby sevens Pre-squad

"Nothing good comes cheap, it has to cost you" saya coach Manu Laban


Women sevens pre-squad

Women in rugby will  be some of the atthletes who will carry the colour of our beautiful country in New Caledonia.


Men's pre-n squad on training

After then long break, Vanuatu sevens Pre-squad is preparing itself for the South Pacific Games.


Orchy sevens

The last sevens of the year- Orchy sevens


Vanuatu rugby sevens

Vanuatu sevens squade are going through tough trainings under the leadership of the head coach, Manu Lapenmore

Second round of rugby session

Updates for the second rounds for rugby sessionsmore


Rugby in pissa

Rugby was introduce in Pissa game for the first timemore

Daniel Kelton assisted Pango rugby club

Pango rugby club recieved assistance from Daniel Keltonmore

Ifira the champion

Ifira prove itself to be the champion of the 30th aniveseary rugby knockoutmore

The blue machine made to the final

No one can bit the machine when it comes to semi-finalmore

Independence cup

Mr Kalotiti handing over Kalotiti cup to the president of Vanuatu Rugby Unionmore

Coaching seminer

Rugby coaching seminer in VASANOCmore

The rascal rugby training

The new rugby bloodmore

The Blue machine will meet Ovince in the semi final

The machines had proven themselves.more

Ifira made it to the final

After a very strong battle, Ifira made it again.more

Rugby development in schools

Rugby is introduce in schoolsmore

Under 19

The preparation for the oceania under 19 tournament in Samoamore

First match of the indepenece knockout

Battle between the bull dogs and the bluesmore

indepenence knockout

Independance knockoutmore
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