About Us

Nauru is a tiny speck of an Island lying not far from the Equator smack in the Great Pacific Ocean. Inhabitants, made up to 10,000 in population including expatriots. Sporting Associations are limited to accommodate the smallness of the Island, as well as the number of able sporting people. Badminton is an expensive sport but it is new and developing within the Oceania region, and Nauru wishes to participate.
Nauru Badminton Association is made up of one club only. We are the smallest club on Nauru. The Badminton courts are situated at the Nauru Secondary School Gymnasium and another 2 at the unused Government Gymn. We have been unfortunate with our equipments being stolen from the gyms, which now set us back with our training and national competitions.

Once we find posts (preferrably transportable)we can resume with our events.