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Executive Members for Kiribati Archery Federation

The Kiribati Archery Federation in Kiribati elected Office Bearers for the next four years 2013-2016more

Level 1 Coach in Archery for Kiribati

Mr M'aneta Tekautu has return from Coaching Training with Level 1 Coaching Certificatemore

Red Feather awards for Ikiribati Archers

Five Ikiribati Archers received their Red Feather Awards on Saturday 1st June 2013more

Archery club established at Animwarao Junior Secondary School

On Monday, 3rd of June, the Kiribati Archery Federation established an Archery Club at Animwarao Junior Secondary School at Teaoraereke.more

Olympic day was dominated by Kiribati Archery

On Saturday 29th June 2013, during the Olympic Day that was held in Kiribati, in the Central Pacific, the Kiribati Archery Federation dominated the day with lot of members turning up and Archery banners were displayed all over
On the same day, Archery attracted most people as it was the first time in Kiribati history that it was displayed to the public.more
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