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First Quarter Report 2009


Monday Beginner Training

Its raining here in Honiara today, despite the drizzels. The beginner program still contiues with archers shooting only 10 and 15 metres today. The younger archers are getting into shape each day.more

AFBSI 14th March Junior Beginner Comp Results

A afternoon beginner competition was organized for archers whom joined the beginner program in Honiara.Though many did not attend because lack of advertisement to the comp. It was a successful 25m distance shoot for the archers. It was a fun day for all.more

Archery Program for Training - March > June 2009


- National Team Training > 9.30am-12noon
- Beginners > 4.30pm-6.00pm

- National Team Training > 9.30am-12noon
- Beginners > 4.30pm-6.00pm

- National Team Training > 9.30am-12noon
- Beginners > 4.30pm-6.00pm

- 9.30am > 6pm- Club Shootingmore

Youngest Solomon Archer at 9 years

Choita Douglas is now the youngest kid in the archery beginner program in Honiara. Choita a student from the Woodford International School and the daughter of the well known businessman Reginald Douglas.

Choita started shooting 1 week ago and is learning fast in archery.more

Archers Turns Out In Numbers

AFBSI Beginner Programs starts at Dalgro Shooting venue. Workers at the compnay received archery lessons 1 hr every afternoon. Archers learn the basic steps of shooting and some fletching. Archery attracts alot of people to shoot and is looking to increase the club membership.more

National Team Trains Next Month

Solomon Islands National Archery Team will be on training as of March 2008.The goal was to attend the Australian Nationals, the World Championships 2009 and the Commonwealth Games in India 2010.Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands would like to thank FITA for the donation of an advance kit which will benefit us alot. All National Archers are called to attend training.more

NOCSI President Meets with Reginald Douglas

Fred Maetoloa, over the weekend held meetings with Reginald Douglas on the status of the Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands. It was a meeting schedule before the AGM to discuss outstanding issues and reports from AFBSI to NOCSI.more

Annual General Meeting 2009

The Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands, Annual General Meeting is schedule for the 21st of February 2009 at at the Dalgro Solomon Islands Ltd location. The meeting will be to approved the 2008 annual report, training camp 2008 technical report, appointment of secretary general, treasurer and other executive members. The Development Plan for 2009 and other projects will be discussed during the meeting.

The time for meeting will be at 5pm in the afternoon.more

Archery Development Program has new Office

The Archery Development in Solomon Islands has move into a new office allocated to the organization. The office was given by DALGRO SI LTD. Office is located at Burns Creek Highway, Honiara.more

AFBSI Plans Traditional Shooting

A program for archery in Solomon Islands has been discussed to start a traditional tpye of archery here in the islands. We have observed the costs of equipments and therefore would like to pursue the project for archery traditional shooting. This will ne discussed more with the Ministry for Sport and the Culture Department in Honiara.more

SDO Archery attend Solomon Games Meeting in Auki

During the last couple of days, SDO archery was in Auki with Minikin attending meetings of the Solomon Games 2008. The Solomon Games discussion was held at the downtown cafe in Auki. It was long 4 hrs meeting. Malaita Local Organizing Committee wants the game to be posponed to 2010. This would give more time for preparations. With the cahnges of the game to 2010, archery would be included but in the traditional style of shooting..more

Archery Meets with Minikin

Archery Development for Solomon Island met with Minikin from ONOC to asses the situation n archery programs here and state of NOCSI. It was a succcesful meeting. A suggestion on the meeting was to start traditional archery in the islands.more

ONOC Approved USD $ 15000 for Camp

A camp for the Solomon Islands National Archery team is underway in Honiara. A total sum of USD 15 000 is approved by the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) to assist in the camp. Archers will be in cam p for a period of 5 months, preparation towards the OAC in Tahiti.more

Training Camp Delayed

The propose training camp for the Solomon Islands National Archery Team has been delayed due to lack of answers on the application send to ONOC. We will give an update later on in the coming days.more

Oceania Welcomes New FITA Development Agent

Following the departure of Mr Renaud Baudrillart, FITA in collaboration with OAC and ONOC opened a position for a new Development Agent. Three candidates were pre-selected. After serious study, Mrs Mary Estelle Mahuk from Vanuatu was chosen for this position. Mary Estelle will start working as of 1 June 2008.

Mary Estelle Mahuk is from Vanuatu and she is a teacher in sport and physical education. She is married to John Mahuk from Papua New Guinea and they have two children—one boy and one girl.

Mary Estelle has already a large Sport experience in Oceania. Below are some of her positions and experiences.

She was the Sports Development Officer with Vanuatu National Olympic Committee for seven years. In this position she did the following:

Ø Assisting affiliated National Federations
Ø Coordinating VASANOC Solidarity programs and programs from Australian Sports Commission such as “Pacific Junior Program” and Oceania Sports Education (OSEP)
Ø Editor of VASANOC website
Ø Various games in the administration, logistical support and collecting results
Ø President of Vanuatu Disable Sport (VANDISPORT) and National Coaches
Ø Secretary General of ONOC Athletes Commission
Ø Ambassador of ONOC Anti-Doping Agency (ORADO)
Ø Selecting committee for “All Rounder Sports Scholarship” University of South Pacific
Ø Secretary General of Port Vila Athletics League
Ø Member of various organizing committees in Vanuatu (e.g. “RoundIsland Relay”)
Ø Secretary General of IUPA Athletics Club

Mary Estelle will attend one month of Archery education at the FITA Middle East Archery Centre, then should be able to provide a great assistance to the archery family in Oceania.

FITA would like to welcome Mrs Mary Estelle Mahuk in the archery family and wishes her best success!more

Project Underway for Archery

Discussions for a archery centre in Solomon Islands in going on in Honiara. Archery Development Officer, Fa'alimae Daniel held talks with the managing director of Dalgro SI Ltd , Reginald Douglas.Reginald who is the cirrent President of Archery held owns a 10 h of Land East of Honiara. Reginald will develop the site into a sporting centre for archery and other sports. In Honiara now, we are looking at the cost of developing the site.more

Guadalcanal Possible to Host Academy

Solomon Islands Archery Development Officer, Fa'alimae Daniel today held talks with Guadalcanal Sport Coordinator in a meeting at the Olympic Office in Honiara. Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands discussed that the Federation is looking for spot at Ruaniu in the Island of Guadalcanal for the academy and the shooting range. The federation will submit a paper to the Guadalcanal provincial executive for the arrangement of the shooting Range and Academy site.more

begiiner Program and Coaching Continues .....

The beginner program started in March 2008 and coaching of the National Team will continue today in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara. The program attracted student from schools in Honiara. The begiiner program will end in June. Acknowledegment to olympic solidarity for assisting with USD $ 1 250 to enable the program.more
Archers Training

Shooting Range to Develop

A permanant shooting will be idnetified by June 2008. The Archery Development Department has held talks with a few land owners who wishes to assist it developing their land for archery.We are looking at developing a land for shooting range which can cater for camping and hosting national and international events.

Archery Development Department will develop the shooting range identified as a archery academy for the archers of Solomon Islands maybe for the region.The place will hosting fully furnish accomodations for archers, a gym, club house, pool, restaurant and other sport facilities for other sports, like Futsal and lawn tennis for recreation purposes. Archers will also benefit from internet access.more

National Archers will Go into Training Camp

Solomon Islands National Archers will go into training camp here in Honiara, Solomon Islands.The camp duration will be for 4 months in preparation for the Oceania championship 2008, Tahiti.Archery Development Officer in Solomon Islands said that inorder to be Champions, we have to start somewhere. A camp in Solomon Islands is how serious we have to be to make it to the top.In sports it take dedication, hardwork tp get good results.

The national team consist of 6 archers, 3 female and 3 male.more

Students Turn more for Archery

The scout for new archers turns out popular in Solomon ISlands.Today we have three new archers turns up for training. Two of them female students and a police officer. It shows that there is a good statitics for the development of archery.more

Training Resumes after Easter

After the long Easter Celebrations here in Honiara.Archers will be picking their bows again today for training. The archers did not train during the easter weekend as they spend time with their families attending church celebrations as it is the way of life in most Pacific Islands.But today they will turn up at 4.30pm for their weekly training schedule.more

Archers eye Tahiti

Solomon Islands two sensational left handed archers will be leaving for Tahiti in October 2008 to represent Solomon Islands in the Oceania Archery Championship. They are Janet Saru and Ruthina Wane. These two archers recently represented Solomon Islands in the 13th South Pacific Games. Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands will liaise with the NOCSI, ONOC and the International Archery Association (FITA) to get them under a Scholarship to train for the event. If Oceania cannot accommodate them as there is no FITA archery academy in Oceania, we are looking at sending them to train at the International Archery academy in Cairo, Egypt.

The date for the competition is yet to be confirmed by the Oceania Archery Confederation.more

More Students turn Up for training

In mathematics we say 1+1= 2.This the principle now with the development of archery in Solomon islands as the number of beginners is increasing everyday.Archers are coming and bringing new friends from their school to attend the program. Archery Beginner trainings is on Wednesdays and Saturdays for now.As of June the training program will change.more

Archery Plans for Academy

Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands is liasing with Impact Sport and Marketing for a possible site at the DC Park in Henderson.The site once an agreement is signed betwwen the two parties a it will be develop into a archery academy for the people of Solomon Islands.This project is now eventuating and we are serious about promoting the sport of archery in Solomon Islands.more

Auki Archery Workshop, 4th - 9th Feb 2008

Archery Coach, Fa'alimae Daniel will be conducting an archery workshop in Auki, Malaita Province from the 4th - 9th February 2008.Course targets will be sport teachers who are keen to come and learn archery then go back and teach their school about archery.

After the workshop, teachers are expected to coach archery and develop the sport in Malaita.more

Development Plan 2008

The national archery development department is currently drafting the first draft of the archery school program in Solomon Islands.The development Plan will be submitted to the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands after a careful discussion with the Oceania Archery Federation, the FITA development Agent in Oceania.

The develoment plan is designed for grade 3 -5 in primary school for learning archery.Archery Federation Blong Solomon Islands believe to begin archery development with young age children to enable kids to develop the correct form of shooting in Modern Archery,the aim of the program is to scout for talented young archers to nature them for International events representing Solomon Islands.more

Ocean 14, Archery Coaches, Cairo

Archery coaches from around the globe are in Cairo for a month of archery coaching mecahnisms.The course has been going for almost 2 weeks now.There are 14 of them in WADI DEGLAS SPORTS CLUB.Among the coaches is the Solomon Islands Coach and Vanuatu Coach.more

Give Archery One More String

Solomon ISlands National Archery Team has been given the grand opportunity to use the Lawson Tama Football facilities for Arechery Practices.It is in the dream of every local kids in Solomon Islands to train on the National Grounds.Solomon ISlands Archery Team first training was yesturday shared with the Solomon Islands National Soccer Team.more
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