ABC interview

Listen to the radio interview between Ashley Walsh and Iain MacDougall just before one of the starts at the APC Logistics King of the Gulf regatta.more

King of the Gulf results

See the TopYacht results in the fabulous 2017 APC King of the Gulf regatta.more

Wilparina 3 wins the 2017 Milang Goolwa

The current multihull national champion Willparina 3 won the line honours and handicap honours in the 2017 Milang Goolwa race. In good breezes a powerful fleet of South Australian multihulls competed finishing just after 1.00pm in front of the Goolwa club.more

2015 Monohull King of the Gulf returns

Circe (Elan 37) with skipper Colin Dowdy has nominated in the monohull division for the 2017 regatta. Circe was the inaugural monohull King of the Gulf in the 2015 event. The monohull division is looking very strong with some very fast yachts entered.more

Video of Mad max winning the 2015 King of the Gulf

Now this is a beautiful sight. Mad Max racing to the finish line at Port Vincent doing 25 knots.Thanks for the footage Don.more

$2000 King of the Gulf prizes

Exciting News. In a sponsorship deal with North Haven Marine the winners of BOTH the monohull "King of the Gulf" and multihull "King of the Gulf" divisions will win $1000.00 vouchers from North Haven Marine. The winners will be based on the PHS division giving all participants in this fantastic regatta a chance.more

Wilparina 3 wins the 2016 Nationals

Rob, Phil and Big Tony won the 2016 National multihull championships in Wangi Wangi. Winning a close regatta by a count back from Airplay from Sydney.more

Dodging whales in the Whitsundays

Carbon Credit sailing in the Whitsundays had to jibe to avoid whales.more

Australian National Multihull Championships at Wangi Wangi

Here is the website for the Wangi nationals resultsmore

Righting a trimaran capsize

Good footage of a successful trimaran being righted by a rescue boat. Well done to all concerned.more

French Rocket ships to be at the 2017 KOG

Rob Remilton's Diam 24 is now in South Australia and is racing. Plans are in train to have up to 4 of these French trimaran 24 foot speed machines racing in the APC King of the Gulf in Port Vincent.more
Polo back

2017 King of the Gulf polo shirts

The 2017 King of the Gulf polo shirts have been released. The navy blue polo shirt is made of the best most comfortable material available with the King of the Gulf logo on the front and the 2017 KOG poster on the back. The shirts are available in both men's and women's sizes and will be available prior to the regatta.See the KOG web site to see them.more

Early Bird APC King of the Gulf nominations

The dates for the 2017 APC King of the Gulf regatta nominations have been set.
Early bird nominations open on the 8th November and will close on the 31st December. Normal nominations will still be available up to the event.more

2017 APC King of the Gulf dates

The 2017 APC King of the Gulf regatta dates have been confirmed by the MYASA committee at their meeting last night.more

Radio interview with Ashley Walsh of ABC radio fame.

The King of the Gulf president Iain MacDougall had an interview with Ashley Walsh on Saturday morning.Here it below.more

Aquitaine won without a win.

Consistency wins Aquitaine (David Eldridge) the Cruising division. This division was very competitive with different winners in every race. Witchcraft (Peter Hastwell) won the passage race, Circe (Colin Doudy) won race 1 and the trimaran Eldo, skippered by Les Wilson, won race 3.
Aquitaine with scores of 2nd, 3rd and 3rd just won from Circe and New Morning 3 (Peter Vincent)more

New King of the Gulf for the monohulls

Quarante-Deux a Northshore 38 had a fantastic series to win his first King of the Gulf crown.more

APC Mad Max makes it 2 in a row

APC Mad Max dominated the multihull division to win consecutive multihull APC King of the Gulf crowns. Backed up by his professional and athletic crew, Mad Max won all but one of the races on OMR giving him a relatively easy win. One of the fastest boats in Australia has done it again.more

10 Days to the APC King of the Gulf

The exciting 2016 APC King of the Gulf is only 10 days away. The course documents are available to download and the Sailing instructions have been available for weeks. As an extra service to participants, you can order your lunch from a deli in Pt Vincent and it will be delivered to you in the King of the Gulf marque while you are having the $5.00 cooked breakfast.more

Record Nominations

The 2016 APC King of the Gulf regatta is experiencing record entries in all divisions. The multihull racing, monohull racing and the social racing divisions have all experienced a big increase in nominations. A larger regatta marquee has been ordered to cater for the increased numbers. 12 days to go.more

2016 APC King of the Gulf courses

The 2016 APC King of the Gulf passage race and regatta courses have just been released. You can download the courses file off the 2016 King of the Gulf web page. It is the last downloadable file on the page.


20 Days to the King of the Gulf

Record nominations for the 2016 APC King of the Gulf has everybody excited. Event nominations are strong with big increases in the monohull fleet. It also appears that a number of spectator craft are also making the trip across the gulf to watch the King of the Gulf regatta. The entry of interstate boats also will add to the atmosphere of this new and exciting event.more

Triple Crown winner

Iain MacDougall wins the "Triple Crown" in Goldfinger.
Winning 2 legs of the Triple Crown makes it a bit hard for anybody else to get a look in. Once again this event has been a fantastic success with exceptionally close racing. This event will continue to grow with more interstate competitors likely in the coming years.more

Multi's ready for the "Triple Crown"

The Triple Crown series is held in conjunction with the famous Milang Goolwa Classic conducted by the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club. The Triple Crown series is a cruise in company from Goolwa to the Wellington Hotel and then a meal. The Saturday is another cruise in company from Wellington to to the Milang Hotel.
The Sunday is the biggie as we join the huge fleet in the race from Milang to Goolwa.more

KOG Sailing Instructions

The 2016 APC King of the Gulf sailing instructions (version 1) has just been released. The downloadable pdf file is at the bottom of the 2016 King of the Gulf page.more

More monohulls to compete in the King of the Gulf

All yachts welcome at the 2016 APC King of the Gulfmore

60 Days to go

Sixty days to go till the 2016 King of the Gulf regatta at Port Vincent. Click on the King of the Gulf page just above and see all the information you require about the regatta, including links to the Top Yacht nomination page for the regatta.more

Queensland Multihull Newsletter

November Queensland Multihull Newsletter. a good read.more

Notice of Race Alteration (Version 4 19/11/2015)

Please note that there was a date error in NOR Version 3 (10/11/2015).
We have just uploaded an updated corrected version NOR version 4 (19/11/2015).
Can you please make sure you are working off the correct version.

94 Days to go.more

Canegrass Salt Bush Lamb

MYASA are pleased to announce the partnership with the Natural Pastoral Company and their fantastic product Canegrass Salt Bush Lamb to provide a company chef and the lamb for the BBQ dinner on Saturday night.more

King of the Gulf (NOR's)

The King of the Gulf notice of race is now available. You can download the NOR from the King of the Gulf website.more

Triple Crown

The sailing instructions for the 2016 Triple Crown are available on the MYASA Facebook page and on the Triple Crown page above.more
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