GAMES ARE ON 18/11/17

Games will proceed as planned at Mawson today. The rain has been kinder on the south side and ALL games are on so far.
There are diamond changes so please visit the canteen first.more
Change of Venue

Round 7 (18 November 2017) is at Mawson

This is a reminder that next week's SFPL games are at Mawson.

Click more for the link to the diamond layout at Mawson.more
Rainy Day

11 Nov washed out games to be played Sunday, 26 November

The 11 November 2017 washed out games will be played Sunday, 26 November 2017. Click more for the details.more


The draw with umpiring has been updated and uploaded.more

Fundraising for State Teams

Fundraising will be carried out at Hawker to support our State Teams.more

So Excited!!!


The Registrar position has been filled.

Billie McPherson has taken on the role of Registrar for 2017/18. The Delegate's Contact list has been updated and is under the 'About Us' tab.more
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Ground Status

MAWSON Grounds are OPEN

Photo Gallery

Canteen Roster

Round Date Club
1 07-Oct-17 üClassics
2 14-Oct-17 üAngels & Strikezone
3 21-Oct-17 üBoomerangs
4 28-Oct-17 üGiants
5 04-Nov-17 üSutherland
6 11-Nov-17 üShots Up & Demons
8 25-Nov-17 whISPers
9 02-Dec-17 Boomerangs
10 09-Dec-17 Bears
11 16-Dec-17 Classics
12 03-Feb-18 Sutherland
13 10-Feb-18 Strikezone & Shots Up
14 17-Feb-18 Demons & Angels
15 24-Feb-18 Giants