If you like water – and most Australians do – then you’ll enjoy sailing.

Sailing provides all degrees of excitement - from the adrenalin, high performance of sporting boats to the comfort and convenience of the cruising yacht.  All have a place and can be fairly raced by a handicapping system that takes account of each boat’s known performance.

As with most recreational sports, sailing is an acquired skill, best learnt in a club environment where experienced people can help; and safety issues (rescue boats etc) are addressed.

In the beginning, most sailors just want to get on the water and indulge in that greatest pleasure of all, just “messing” about in a boat.  However, as has always been the case, if two sailing boats are heading in roughly the same direction, there is a “race” on.

You do not have to own a boat.  Crewing positions are always available and this is a good way to get started.  The Club has a small fleet of boats available for members to use.

The clubhouse itself is a fabulous facility and this available to club members and their friends most of the time.

Lake Keepit sailors really enjoy their weekend racing, despite more than their fair share of very light winds.  When questioned, sailors respond with “it is a challenge to get around the course because it is different every time to get that puff [of wind] before the other boat”.  A comment from a keen sportsman trying sailing for the first time on a very light [wind] day, recently summed up the situation nicely.  The racing was close with the lead changing with every little puff [of wind], ‘it’s sort of slow excitement, isn’t it?”  Friendly rivalry at its best, and quite drink after is enjoyed as the race is re-run on the Club balcony.

At Lake Keepit, it’s not all light weather conditions.  Sailors experience delight at the performance of their craft.  There is nothing so exhilarating as a fast ride in a responsive boat, downwind under spinnaker in a good, stiff breeze.

Inter club competition lifts the standard of racing, adds variety and helps both clubs.  New England Sailing Club which sails on Malpas Dam near Armidale, competes with Lake Keepit Sailing Club in the Thunderbolt Regatta.  Travelling to regattas on the coast, in different lakes, and on different rivers and bays, adds to the experience.

Social occasions abound.  The twilight series is sailed late on an occasional Saturday afternoon and this invariably leads to a barbeque, refreshments and campout at the clubhouse.  Sailors are ready to go sailing (racing) again on Sunday.  River trips are always a favourite.  Camping in a quiet bay over night and then bacon and eggs cooked by the camp fire in the morning – what a way to go.

People from every walk of life, young or mature, can enjoy sailing.  The companionship of like-minded people is hard to beat.  TRY IT!!



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