Notice of Race for the 2017 Teams Race Available Now. Online Entry coming soon.

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Notice of Race for 2017-18 NSW State Titles Available Now! Online Entry coming soon

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2017-18 Competition Dates for Your Diary

Sunday 15th Oct 2017 - Teams Race (Balmoral Sailing Club)

Sat-Sun 11-12th Nov 2017 - NSW State Titles Round 1 - (Avalon Sailing Club)

Sat-Sun 16-17th Dec 2017 - Sail Sydney - not states or teams just for glory!

Wed-Sat 27-30th Dec 2017 - Nationals - Port Kembla Sailing Club

Sat-Sun 10-11th Feb 2018 - NSW State Titles Round 2 - (South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club)


Manly Junior Mast Update July 2017

The MJ Association have purchased five aluminium masts to have some spares available for people to buy if they need one. So far two have been purchased leaving three available for a cost of $660 each. They are not rigged and do not have the halyard quick release fitted, but do have the sail track, sail track feeder and heel plug fitted. If you are wanting to purchase one of the available masts please email the association at: manly.junior@gmail.com

Payment details will be advised. Orders will be served on a basis of first in first served. If demand exceeds supply there is scope for an additional run of masts which we will communicate to you. Photos of the new aluminium masts will be posted here shortly.

Need a boat? Check out what's for sale here. If anything has been sold please let us know at manly.junior@gmail.com

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2017-18 MJ NSW State Titles



2017 MJ National Championships