De and John Deegan

KYC 2016-17 Trophy Winners

by Greg Hawthorne
Following are the trophies awarded at the recent annual dinner by Commodore, Andrew Fyfe. Congratulations to all boats that participated in the 2016-17 season.more

Kettering Wooden Boat Rally: 9-11 February 2018

by Jim Tayton
The Kettering Yacht Club and the Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania invite you to join in the Fifth Rally of Wooden Boats on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Sailing vessels, motor boats and dinghies and canoes are all welcome to join the fun but all participating vessels must have wood as their principal construction material. A weekend to get out on the water together and enjoy using our wooden boats.more
Flag N - Abandonment & re-Sail

Winter Series Race One: POSTPONED

Our race this Sunday May, 14th has been postponed due to the weather forecast <10 knots and it being Mothers Day. Our first race of the Winter Series will be held on Sunday May 28th.more

KYC Winter Series starts soon: 28 May 2017

The first race of the KYC 2017 Winter Series is on 28 May, start time is 11am. Get Ready. Most of the races in this series are 'around the buoys'.more
Sea trial Sydney Harbour 1956

The Early Adventures of Sylvena – Montagu Island Race of 1959

by Jim Tayton (Current Sylvena Owner)
The tiller was lashed to leeward but we did not lay well to the seas and large combers continually picked the boat up by the stern. We lashed a sail bag to the end of the boom and to the tiller head, which brought her head around and we lay very comfortably about 5 points to the wind. Read the rest of this harrowing experience by clicking on More.more

Photos from Little Betsey Island Race (L5)

by David Leake

A Yacht Driven by a Motor Car - 1913

by Jim Tayton - resident vintage car enthusiast
This article appeared in The Car, 15 March, 1913, and was spotted by a member of the Sunbeam Register in the UK. It shows an ingenious method of powering your yacht by installing your car in the hold. The car used was a Sunbeam 12/16. The article in the magazine of the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq Register was passed on by a friend who has a couple of vintage Sunbeams but no boat.more

Satellite Island Race (L6) Results

Another glorious day of sailing on the D'entrecasteaux Channel. Even the forecast eventually came good. Thanks to Greg Hawthorne for great timing of the start and finish of the race. The last boat finished with 20 minutes to spare.more
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Recent results and next events

2016-17 Season Trophy Winners
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Winter Series Race W1: 28 May, 11am
Winter Series Race W2: 11 Jun, 11am

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