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A Lady Never Says Die: Read the SKED July 2003

by Ric Lutjens
In days gone by (2002-2012), KYC issued a regular newsletter called the SKED. The chief scribes of the newsletter were Rick Lutjens and the late Roger Aldridge. Their vivid imagination and descriptions of people and events told a good tale. Each month a different SKED will be published here for those wanting to reminisce or those just wanting to read about some happenings in our club 15 years ago.more
Nyanda (S Newham)

Wind Pattern Recognition: more answers from Gavin Dagley

by John Dryden
The link between what we notice about the conditions and what is the most effective response or strategy depends on how we make sense of what we've seen. Then the rule-of-thumb is to sail it as a "one off" type beat. You need to watch the macro cues and look for the signs of change. Mostly, that means working hard out to one side of the course.more

KWBR Results and Photos

by Roscoe Barnett and Jim Tayton
A list of the winners of the various prizes is now available. Also photos by Douglas.more
Barbara D and Silver Air

Wind sense is a subtle beastie: more answers by Gavin Dagley

by John Dryden
The boats that you need to watch the most closely (for wind information - as opposed to tactical or angle information) are those boats on parts of the track that you can reasonably get to if you want some of what they have. Rad more ...more
PCSC Kettering to Cygnet Race: 8 Mar 08

Reading the Wind Strategy - more answers by Gavin Dagley

by John Dryden
Sailors are usually not relying wholly on reason when they make their decisions on the race track. They are relying on highly developed intuition. Sailboat racing is so complex and the time pressures are so powerful that we often don’t have the time or the cognitive capacity to reason things through each time we need to make a decision. Read more ...more
The Start Line

Persistent Shift Beats - more answers by Gavin Dagley

by John Dryden
Did you know there are three kinds of persistent shift – and you sail them quite differently? Read on ...more
John Dryden (Secretary)

Oscillating Beats - questions and answers by Gavin Dagley

by John Dryden
Here’s the scenario. The conditions are a 15 knot offshore breeze. We are far enough out from shore that the oscillations are not so extreme as inshore. The pressure is still up and down, but again it is reasonably steady compared to further in. The RO has set a good line which seems to be square to the mean wind direction. We are two minutes out from the gun ... Now what? Read on ,,,more

New KYC website address: www.ketteringyachtclub.org.au

by Richard Moyer
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